First steps

All in the life starts from begin!

Cliche but not false.

For one developer, so important then program its how the professional use tools and enviroments in your favor, during all process.

Develop also is a type of social interation, whether with a customer or a another pair. The most important is how we communicate, for this, knowing some tools and how use its powerful resource for eliminate noises between envolved people, after all, nobody want a wrong feature or bad writed code.

It all comes down to communication and organization.

Some tools like Notion, Git and, anothers its so great for this. Shall we know better?

Notion logo

Notion - The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

In beggining of new challange in my carrer, the Rocketseat GoStack, I’m spected know just about Javascript, NodeJS, React, ReactNative and, how it’s works together for building a concepts of a modern web programming.

But, for my surprise, I’m discovered (and I fell in love) for this tool called Notion.

It has a simple and amazing, minimalist icon (my favorite), but that doesn’t diminish its power 🚀.

And then, what does it do?

It allows us to build documents in different ways and integrated with each other. As a data source where we choose several interfaces to view them. As my fiancee says, she can make a shopping list and lesson plans in the same place.

Why should use in my dev routine?

Well, annotations ever are important for us, like a code snippet was used, a function use frequently, a client demand, etc.

A dev not exists without studies, whether to learn a new language, learn new concepts, update or write down the most frequent bugs (Why not?).

And the best part is that we can share with a team and we still have 1000 items for free. Another tip is to perform the entire account connection tutorial, for example, log in on the mobile app that can give you some credits, I got 4 months for free in the Premium version.

Enjoy it!

In the next articles, I will comment on Visual Studio Code and move on to the Node knowledge I acquired during Rocketseat’s Bootcamp. I wait you here!

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